The Transcend Inc. Security Guard courses are the premier licensing programs in the State of Hawaii.
Our Initial Security Guard Instruction course is widely used throughout the State and our Continuing Education course for GDE license renewal established the standard to which all CE programs offered for the 2018-2021 triennial renewal must attempt to rise to.

We offer a very favorable license program that allows for both in-house and 3rd party training that is transportable with the approved Instructor.  To become a Transcend Inc. Approved Instructor requires completion of a training materials orientation and a demonstration of ability to present the course materials effectively.  Approved Instructors will receive

  • A Comprehensive Instructors Manual of the Board Approved Instructional Program;
    • This is a turnkey program – not videos and outlines from which you have to create your own lesson plans (which would then need to be submitted for approved by the Board)
  • Visual Aids (PowerPoint deck);
  • Instructional Material Orientation session(s) (as many as you need to be comfortable with the material)
  • Needed Forms
  • Test Material and Answer Sheets (Not all courses require testing)
  • Access to our exclusive Instructors On-Line Portal for Certificate creation
  • Instructor Accessible Record Storage of Students to whom you issued Certificates
  • Assistance in qualifying to conduct online classes and
  • Ongoing support; we don’t just sell you a program, we’re here to help you succeed

Please be aware that not all Instructors may qualify to license our program. While we respect the knowledge and skill of all Instructors, we require those to whom we license our programs to have demonstrable presentation and classroom management skills.

If you are interested in being licensed to use the Transcend Inc. Initial Security Guard Instruction program and/or our Continuing Education for License Renewal program; please contact:

Jeffrey Owens

Tel: 808-674-8601