The Guard Card Renewal Deadline Was June 30, 2021

Guard Cards That Were Not Renewed Are Now Forfeit And Holders Are Prohibited From Working As A Security Guard


Each renewal applicant will need to obtain a hard-copy renewal form from the DCCA that has specific information for that person. There is no generic or downloadable form available for late applicants.  Late applicants will need to meet the CE (guard card renewal class) requirement if applicable to them, submit any additional documents to a “Yes” answer, and make payment inclusive of late/penalty fees that total to $120.00.  The following is from the Board’s website.

  • Guard employee registrations NOT renewed by June 30, 2021, are forfeited and the holders of a forfeited registration are considered unregistered and may not engage in the trade or profession.
  • Registrants who do not restore their registrations within the one (1) year period (by June 30, 2022) are required to file as new applicants.
  • You may call our Licensing Branch at (808) 586-3000 or email the Board’s office at: for the restoration application. Be sure to include your license name, address, license number and phone number.
  • Forfeited registrations may be restored upon written application within one (1) year and upon submittal of all required documents, continuing education requirements, fees, delinquent fees, and a penalty fee which totals to $120.00

The renewal form can also be obtained over-the-counter from the DCCA-PVL office, 335 Merchant Street Room 301.  Payment of fees can be made by check if the form is mailed, or by cash or check at the DCCA-PVL office.  Credit/debit card payments are not accepted at the DCCA-PVL office.


If you did not renew your guard card by June 30, 2021 your license is invalid you have one year in which to restore your license (June 30, 2022). If you do not restore the license by that date you must re-apply to the DCCA as a new applicant if you wish to work in a guard capacity.