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All persons and companies offering Guard Training that is acceptable to the State of Hawaii Board of Private Detectives and Guards are required to cover the same State mandated topics. Since the basic course information is the same how do you decide who to go to for training?

In deciding on a training provider the key elements to evaluate are:


Transcend Inc. is a licensed Guard Agency and our Board Approved Instructors are experienced security professionals. Transcend Inc. is the premier provider of security related training to Hawaii’s private sector and government security companies, agencies and operatives.

We use a Board approved training program written by company founder Major Jeffrey B. Owens (Honolulu Police Dept., Retired) that provides accurate information; and we teach from real-world experience. Training is conducted at our Professional Training Center or on-site at client provided locations.


Transcend Inc. works with you to make sure you get the support needed during and after training. We provide a State of Hawaii recognized certification of training, and can assist you with scheduling your mandatory fingerprint based background check.

Once the training is completed we’re still here to help you. Students who attend Transcend Inc. training can contact us for assistance with the registration process; and at any time in the future with questions on material covered in the class.


Transcend Inc. is a Hawaii company and has been Hawaii’s premier workplace and security training company since 2002. You can count on us to be here for you in the future. Client support and service are hallmarks of Transcend Inc.; we exist to be of service to our clients.


Transcend Inc. founder Jeffrey B. Owens served on the Board of Private Detectives and Guards helping to formulate the requirements and rules governing guards and is considered an authority on security guards in Hawaii. Mr. Owens wrote the Board Approved curriculum used by Transcend Inc.

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Training is conducted at our Professional Training Center.
Client On-Site Training Can Be Provided.