We look forward to welcoming you to the class.  We set some rules so everyone feels respected, gains the maximum benefit of the class ,and has an enjoyable experience.

The online class is a classroom and your conduct should be the same as if you were in a physical classroom. You must be dressed appropriately, be present the entire time and give your full attention to the course of instruction.

Driving/riding in a vehicle while online is cause for immediate expulsion from the class; your class fee will be refunded. If you must go someplace, including as a passenger in a vehicle during the class, schedule for a different day when you can be at one place. If you are noted to be in a moving vehicle you may be immediately removed from the class. Sitting in a stationary vehicle is permissable.

You must be in a stationary location. Do not be walking around or moving from place to place. If you must be constantly walking or moving about schedule for a different day when you can be at one place.  If you cannot settle into place after warning from the Instructor, you may be removed from the class.

You must be present in the classroom for the entire class.  If on the day of class, you need to run errands, attend to children or other matters; re-schedule for a day when you can give your full attention to the class.

Be respectful of others. Disrespectful, disparaging, insulting comments from participants whether directed at other participants or persons not present will not be tolerated and is cause for immediate expulsion from the class. Your class fee will be refunded.

Do Not be eating meals during the class.  It’s okay to drink water, coffee, tea, soft-drinks, but eathing on screen is distracting and disrespectful of the Instructor and others. Comfort and lunch breaks will be give, if you need to eat please do it on the breaks.

Dress appropriately.  It is okay to dress casually and comfortably but remember you will be seen by others.  Wear a shirt or appropriate top.  Please do not wear shirts/tops/hats with provocative, political, obscene, or disrespectful words or images.  If in the sole opinion of the Instructor clothing or visible items are inappropriate. you will be asked to make a change.  We respect your right to disagree but it is the Instructor who determines who is allowed to be in the class and who is not.  If removed from class your registration fee will be refunded.

Sit upright.  It’s okay to be in a comfortable chair or on a couch; however just as you would not recline or lay down in a physical classroom do not be reclining/lying down on couch/bed/floor while in the online classroom.

The Instructor must be able to see your face during the class.  This means the camera cannot be showing only a portion of your face or just the walls, ceiling, etc.  If the Instructor cannot see your face you will be asked to change the camera angle; if you do not comply you may be expelled from the class.  If that occurs your class fee will be refunded.

Do not be on phone calls, texting, gaming or talking with other people during the class time; even when on mute.  Aside from being disrespectful to the Instructor and other students; this is an instructional class and you need to give your full attention.  If noticed you will be given a warning, if you do not comply or reoffend you may be expelled from the class.  If expelled your fee will be refunded.

Please test and get familiar with your camera, microphone and speakers in advance of the class so that you don’t cause unnecessary delay for the other attendees.  If you cannot get things working in a reasonable amount of time you may be excused from the class; your fee will be refunded.

We do want you to be comfortable, and we also want you as well as everyone else who attends to get the full benefit of the class; so please treat this as if you are attending in a physical classroom.


Please test your equipment and internet connection in advance so you do not delay everyone else while you figure out how to make things work.  If you cannot get your camera, microphone, speakers to work within 10 minutes of class start time you will be excused and asked to reschedule for a different class date.

It’s a good idea to already have open on your computer, just minimize the tab until needed.

Make sure you are in a distraction-free place.  No T.V’s, radios, gaming, people or pets active in the area.  If your environment is too distracting the Instructor may ask you to leave the online class.

 – Adjust your video camera so the Instructor can clearly see you.

– Try not to be back-lit (bright light or window behind you) as that makes it hard to see you.

– Remember that this is an online class and everyone in the session can see and hear you and anyone and everything in your background and area.

– Comfort breaks and a lunch break will be given.  During the breaks you can close the video & audio but it’s best to stay online.

– If you need to take care of something urgent during the class, let the Instructor know so it can be dealt with appropriately.