Security Guard Training Hawaii

is a Division of


A Hawaii Company, Est. 2002

Major Jeffrey Owens, CTM, CVP (HPD, Ret.)

We are Hawaii’s leading locally owned professional security guard instruction company.   Originating in Hawaii we understand our unique islands culture and the importance of aloha in the services and instruction we provide.  As a professional knowledge development  company we have the resources, instructors, and classroom expertise to provide high quality instruction, certification, and ongoing support. Founder Major Jeffrey Owens (HPD-Ret.) is a Certified Virtual Presenter by ESpeakers, the premier professional speaker listing organization in the country.

Security Guard Training Hawaii is a division of Transcend Inc., a State of Hawaii approved curriculum developer and provider of the mandatory Initial Security Guard Instruction required to be registered as a Guard Employee; as well as the Four Hour Security Guard Continuing Education courses required to renew Guard Employee Registrations. 

Our Instructors are experienced professionals and Transcend Inc. is a State of Hawaii licensed Guard Agency and Private Detective AgencyWe don’t just teach from a book or show a video, we have done the work and understand the reality of providing professional guard services in Hawaii.

Founded in 2002 by retired Honolulu Police Department Major Jeffrey Owens, CTM, CVP; a former member of the State of Hawaii Board of Private Detectives and Guards, Major Owens is an internationally recognized threat assessment/threat management professional, security consultant, expert on interpersonal violence, leadership and communication,a former hostage negotiator and veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Transcend Inc. adheres to the principles of Integrity and Excellence In Service.

Major Owens professional memberships include the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), the National Speakers Association (NSA), the Speakers Association of Hawaii. (SAH), ASIS Int’l, and Hawaii Hotel Visitor Industry Security Association (HHVISA), Threat Team Oahu (TTO), and Threat Team Education (TTE) of which he is a founding member.


State of Hawaii Guard Agency License GDA-795 & Private Detective Agency License PDA-793