In addition to the Initial Security Guard Instruction (ISGI) class you will need to get fingerprinted for a criminal history background check and submit a Guard Employee Registration application to the State of Hawaii, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Professional and Vocational Licensing Division.


  1. Go to the Fieldprint website; click  “Schedule an  Appointment ” , you will be prompted to create a user account,  follow the online instructions to do this.
  1. For “Fieldprint Code” enter: HI-DCCA-PDSG (Must include the “dash” between letters).
  1. Complete “Personal Information”. You will need to input your social security number.
  1. Complete “Demographics”. Including your Place of Birth, City of Birth, and physical description.
  1. At “Additional Information”; select Guard Employee (Guard Registration) from the drop-down.
  1. At “Employer”. You can leave blank, or enter your employer, or your own name, address, etc.
  1. At “eConsent Waiver” – read and answer.
  1. At “FBI Privacy Statement and Privacy Notice” – read and answer
  1. At “FBI Noncriminal Justice Applicant’s Privacy Rights” – read and answer.
  1. At “Release”. For Department/Division enter “DCCA-PVL”; enter Your Name & Date of Birth; For Criminal Conviction information answer, enter your name and date.
  • At “Schedule Your Visit
    • A screen will prompt you to choose the “Location” you want to get your fingerprints done at.
    • Then “Choose A Date”.
    • Then “Choose A Time”.
  1. Make Payment. (Credit card or echeck).
  1. Once payment is made a “Confirmation” screen appears. Make note of your Appointment Number. If possible, print-out the confirmation page for your records and take it with you to the appointment. Make note of your fingerprint appointment date as you will need to enter that onto the DCCA Guard Employee Registration form.
  1. On your appointment date and time go to the collection site to submit your fingerprints. You will need two forms of ID, a government issue picture ID (Driver’s License, etc.) and another ID.

Transcend Inc. is not affiliated with Fieldprint and the process could change at any time without notice.  Please use this information as a general guide, and follow the instructions provided by the Fieldprint website.


Create a MYPVL account with the DCCA and submit your Guard Employee Registration (GDE) application. You don’t wait for the fingerprint results as they go directly to the State of Hawaii, but we suggest wait one-day after being fingerprinted to ensure the results have been received by the State.

To create a MYPVL account go to and follow the instructions.

After creating the account you will exit; then log back into your MYPVL account,

  • Click on “My Applications”
  • Then on “Apply for New License”.
  • Select “Guard Employee Registration”.
  • Read and answer the application information, upload your Certificate of Instruction (PDF or JPEG) and any other required documents (if you answer “Yes” to questions #3, 4, 5, or 6 you must provide additional documents.  Question #4 references professional licenses not drivers license), make payment, and submit your GDE application.

The DCCA states to expect 15-20 business days to process a completed application.  They may process your application sooner or take longer. To check the status of your application, go to your MYPVL account, it will show the status and any messages. If there is a message, be sure to read it and comply with any instructions or requests from the DCCA!  When your GDE-# (“guard card”) is issued the DCCA will email you a notice of licensure.


Effective April 18, 2019, the DCCA no longer mails paper “guard cards” to licensees, you can print it out on your own as follows:

  1. Go to your MYPVL account (
  2. If you show a linked license go to step #8. If the landing page shows “You have 0 linked license” go to step #3
  3. Click on Find My License
  4. Enter your GDE-# & continue
  5. a. If you don’t know your GDE-#
    1. Click on Inbox – click on Notice of Licensure
    2. Make note of the GDE # issued to you & go back to My Licenses
  6. Confirm that is your license
  7. Enter the last 4 digits of your SSN and confirm linking to your account
  8. Your license number will appear in your account
  9. Click on the GDE-#
  10. Click on Print My Pocket ID (blue box upper right). It can be printed out on paper or saved as a digital image.

The preceding is a general guide only, the DCCA may make changes to the process or website, follow any instructions provided by the DCCA.