Training – Consulting – Investigation – Security

Transcend Inc. is a Hawaii company with national and international capabilities providing a comprehensive array of Training, Consulting, and Investigative Services.

FOUNDED IN 2002 by retired Honolulu Police Department Major Jeffrey Owens, CTM; a recognized expert on interpersonal violence, former hostage negotiator, and veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Transcend Inc. adheres to the principles of Integrity, Excellence, and Service.

Jeff Owens is the only Association of Threat Assessment Professionals Board Certified Threat Manager in Hawaii and one of the first Threat Professionals in the United States to achieve this elite status.

This certification assures you that Transcend Inc. offers the most professional, reliable, comprehensive and competent assistance to you and your organization in conducting Threat Assessments and assistance in Workplace Violence, Stalking and Targeted Violence situations.

TRAINING is based on real-world experience derived from a strong background of business, law enforcement, security, investigation, threat management and consulting. Our ProCom Professional Communication program is unique and highly effective in enhancing interpersonal encounters. Leadership training and coaching helps organizational leaders to achieve maximum potential both within themselves and their subordinates.

Transcend Inc. is a State of Hawaii approved curriculum developer and provider of the mandatory Initial Security Guard Training required to be licensed as a Guard Employee; as well as the Four Hour Continuing Education required to renew the Guard Employee License. Our instructors have strong Law Enforcement, Private Sector, and Technical backgrounds in their field of instruction. You can be assured that the training we provide is taught in a real-world, down-to-earth manner that can be immediately understood by all and used on the job.

CONSULTING assists clients with workplace assessments to reduce conflicts, improve harmony and effectiveness, and enhance Leadership skills. We are unique in Hawaii in our qualifications to provide comsulting in workplace violence prevention, intervention and response; threat assessments and mitigation; and security team creation, implementation, and development.

PRIVATE DETECTIVE services are provided under license from the State of Hawaii (PDA-793). Investigations may be conducted in cases of targeted violence (workplace & other inter-personal violence, threats, stalking), allegations of employee misconduct, organizational dysfunction, civil rights violations, civil litigation, criminal defense, and insurance & other fraud. Please be advised that we are selective in which assignments we accept.

GUARD AGENCY operations are at present referred to other licensed guard agencies. Transcend Inc. is a State of Hawaii license Guard Agency (GDA-795) however we have chosen to focus on providing security consulting only rather than provision of guard services and personnel.

We excel at helping clients to acquire the information needed to make well informed decisions, meet compliance requirements, create safe and effective workplaces, and improve professional standing. Client service and satisfaction are of paramount importance.